Do Health Care Law Firms in Northern Louisiana Provide Legal Advice on Healthcare Laws and Regulations?

Health care law is a specialized field that focuses on the legislative, executive, and judicial rules and regulations that govern the health care industry. This includes hospitals and hospital systems, other healthcare providers such as nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, intensive care facilities, and health maintenance organizations, public and private insurers, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and devices, and individual professionals who treat patients. The regulations relevant to this industry include Stark, HIPAA, the Anti-Bribery Statute, EMTALA, and state privacy laws. At K&L Gates, our team of experienced lawyers are experts in civil and criminal litigation in the unique area of health regulatory law. Our team includes health technology expert Bernadette Broccolo, Miami-based global health director Jerry Sokol, M&A experts Gary Scott Davis from Miami and Christopher Jedrey and Kerrin Slattery from Boston.

We have also been involved in key litigation with Barry Landsberg from Los Angeles representing Dignity Health in state and federal courts. Our clients have praised us for being an “important resource” for understanding and navigating ever-changing health laws and regulations. Our attorneys are well-versed in providing legal advice on healthcare laws and regulations in Northern Louisiana. They are qualified to advise on international health and safety standards in other jurisdictions, prepare reports analyzing deficiencies with respect to the legislation currently in force, draft proposed health and safety legislation, address risk management, informed consent, confidentiality, bioethical issues such as end-of-life decision-making, assisted reproduction, and health care decision-making. We have also increased our participation with private equity funds in addition to our work with health systems and traditional providers. Our Charlotte-based team of Kate Hardey, Bart Walker and Kayla McCann Marty has represented Novant Health in the multi-million dollar purchase of the New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

We have also been praised for providing high quality work, products and advice to healthcare companies with similar situations. Our lawyers are also qualified to act on behalf of private equity firms and to work with digital health providers. However, individual laws vary greatly in scope and impact and together leave many important areas unprotected.

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