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Are you looking for a law firm that specializes in product liability cases in Northern Louisiana? Look no further than Themis Advocates Group. Our network of attorneys has represented clients ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries. We provide comprehensive legal advice and representation to clients throughout every stage of the “supply chain”. Our goal is to provide members with the resources and education they need to effectively represent clients facing complex product liability litigation.

At Themis Advocates Group, we understand that manufacturers, distributors and retailers of products in all industries are at risk of litigation over defective and civil liability products. We can help you build a strong medical defense team to protect your reputation. In most diseases, exposure to toxic substances causes only a small percentage of cases. Linking one of these diagnoses to the use of a specific product purchased years ago requires an irrefutable argument.

With the help of doctors who have seen and treated many cases from discrete sources, we can challenge claims that attempt to establish unfounded links or that provide incomplete evidence. The laws governing liability for defective products vary from state to state. This is especially true in the case of statute of limitations. If someone files a lawsuit against you after the statute of limitations in your state has expired, we can find you a lawyer with specific knowledge of the state who could cause the case against you to be completely dismissed. In some situations, we can even refute claims before they occur by using a notice from the manufacturer to start the watch. Similarly, statute of limitations may differ significantly from state to state.

Maine and North Dakota, for example, allow plaintiffs 6 years, while Tennessee, Kentucky and Louisiana only offer 1 year to file the lawsuit. Many other state statutes fall somewhere in between. Our members can help you analyze state laws to determine if a claim is valid, dismiss overdue claims, and prepare your defense for claims that are within the statute of limitations or rest periods. Some states also differentiate cases based on strict and negligent liability. Strict liability holds manufacturers responsible for defective products and examines the product directly.

These types of claims can expire more quickly, since the plaintiff has a lower burden of proof and the product in question may be old or out of date. The standard of negligence in product liability claims is more similar to the burden of proof in other personal injury cases and calls into question the manufacturer's behavior. Your defense will vary depending on the type of liability you are charged with, but both types of liability are not available in all states. Themis Advocates Group truly cares about our members and our clients. As a client, you receive personalized legal advice and a partnership approach that emphasizes cost reduction, collaboration and the minimization of future risks.

You'll also receive constant communication and access to your lawyers, as well as creative legal solutions for even the most complex legal issues. Our network has achieved numerous successes in this area, including a series of significant case dismissals and trial victories. We have represented clients ranging from small local businesses to medium-sized organizations and Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries. Our member attorneys have extensive experience in product liability litigation and can help you build a strong medical defense team to protect your reputation.

Meet Our Expert: Russ Herman

Herman is one of the key faculty members of The Professional Education Group (PEG). He has lectured in Tulane, LSU.

The National Law Journal named Mr. Herman was one of the top ten litigators in Louisiana, and the American Law Journal highlighted Mr. Herman in his June 1999 edition. Fortune magazine presented its litigation achievements in the July 3, 2000 edition. In April 2003, the third edition of “America's Leading Business Lawyers” by Chamber USA (2003-200) included Mr.

Herman as the leading individual trial lawyer in Louisiana in general and commercial litigation. Herman continues to be a visiting professor at seminars and conventions sponsored by the Louisiana Bar Association, the Louisiana Justice Association, the American Bar Association, the Practicing Law Institute and the National Institute of Business. He defended a customer who manufactured appliances in a class action lawsuit in which the plaintiffs alleged that the customer's appliances were defective and did not meet the expectations of a reasonable consumer due to lack of reliability and the need for repairs. They're also big enough to have experience in a wide range of issues without having to leave the firm. Representing an engineering consultant before the military in a product liability action due to design defects in communication cables for military helicopters; action dismissed under the doctrine of political question. Lloyds of London: Chairman of the Trial Committee, first seven-figure compensation in Louisiana against engineers, consultants and contractors for damage to historic buildings as a result of non-compliance with regulations. He represented a major railway company in multiple lawsuits related to a derailment that caused fires that lasted five days, the government institution of a no-fly zone over a large area of land cultivated during prime time for the aerial delivery of herbicides and the evacuation of thousands of people. Russ Herman serves as liaison lawyer for plaintiffs in MDL 2047, in liability litigation for drywall products manufactured in China.

He defended a food processing plant in a Clean Water Act (CWA) citizen lawsuit and a common law action filed by 45 neighbors who complained of alleged odors and overflow due to the discharge to a city sewer system, which resulted in a jury not declaring any compensation against the customer after a three-week federal trial and a post-trial settlement of other CWA lawsuits.

Get Experienced Legal Representation

At Themis Advocates Group we understand how important it is for our clients to have access to experienced attorneys who specialize in product liability cases throughout Northern Louisiana. Our members include some of the country's leading product liability lawyers located throughout 45 states providing services both domestically and internationally. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your business from costly product liability lawsuits.

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