Do Louisiana Health Care Law Firms Have Experience with Healthcare Licensing Investigations?

Frost recently conducted a webinar for the American Health Law Association (AHLA) to help hospitals and health systems, including critical access hospitals (CAH), prepare for the return of various health regulations that were in place before the pandemic. The checklist provided by Frost will assist applicants who have a license in another jurisdiction with less stringent requirements than those in this state to obtain a license under this section if they can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Board, that they have worked in another jurisdiction in the field for which they are applying for a license in this state for at least 5 years in the 7 years immediately preceding the application in this state. The department or council cannot limit the physical environment from which a person certified or authorized under this chapter may provide health care services through telehealth. For the exemption contained in this section to apply, a patient receiving telemedicine services from a remote location must be located within the geographical limits established in the governor's declaration of a state of emergency or in the president's declaration of a state of emergency or in the president's disaster declaration. Bart's expertise and experience in health care, ranging from representing health systems, providers and private equity firms, provides unique value and perspective.

To treat patients in this state using telemedicine or telehealth, healthcare providers must be fully licensed to practice in this state and will be subject to the regulation of their respective professional councils. An Arkansas licensee practicing in another state under the Psypact Temporary Authority to practice interjurisdictional psychology to practice interjurisdictional telepsychology will be subject to the laws and regulations of that state, including the scope of practice. Social workers who provide services via telehealth to a client physically located in any other jurisdiction are responsible for ensuring that they comply with all laws and regulations of that jurisdiction before providing services to a client located in that jurisdiction. Section 38.2-3418.16 defines telemedicine as “the use of electronic technology or media, including interactive audio or video, for the purpose of diagnosing or treating a patient, providing remote patient monitoring services, or consulting with other healthcare providers about the diagnosis or treatment of the patient, regardless of the place of origin and whether the patient is accompanied by a healthcare provider at the time such services are provided. Beyond the experience offered by the firm in terms of policies, legislation, regulation and business configuration, they are true partners when it comes to developing a vision of a better way to interact with their client's constituents (legislators, policy makers, regulators).

The submission of certification under this subsection shall constitute a voluntary waiver by the professional, their employer or contractor of any respective right to make use of jurisdiction or laws other than those specified in this subsection in connection with any claim. No person may engage in the practice of medicine, either in person or remotely, using information transmitted electronically or by other means, about a patient in Tennessee unless duly authorized by the Board according to current statutes and regulations. This year has seen an aggressive expansion for Summit Health Law Partners with seven partners joining their ranks. As was previously stated before the pandemic, professionals who want to provide services to people in Pennsylvania must have a license in Pennsylvania to be able to practice there. Do health care law firms located throughout northern Louisiana have experience with healthcare licensing investigations related to applicable laws and regulations? The answer is yes. These firms possess extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to understanding health care regulations and laws.

They can provide invaluable insight into how best to navigate these complex issues and ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Furthermore, they can offer guidance on how best to handle any potential investigations related to healthcare licensing.

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